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Welcome to the Campus Chemical Instrument Center (CCIC) X-ray Crystallography Facility
at The Ohio State University (OSU)

The x-ray diffraction lab has equipment for collecting macromolecular single-crystal x-ray diffraction data. Typical data collection times are a few hours for screening and analysis, followed by 1-2 days for collection of a full data set. The lab is equipped with cryogenic devices for low-temperature (-180°C) data collection

Contact: Craig McElroy, 614-292-3232 mcelroy.31@osu.edu

Equipment: The lab has a Rigaku RU300 rotating anode generator (Cu Kalpha) that typically operates at 46 kV 90 mA. There are two separate ports (right and left) for data collection, each equipment with Osmic focusing mirrors, inverse phi crystal mounting system, Rigaku R-AXIS IV++ image plate detector, and X-STREAM cryogenic devices. Data processing is performed with CrystalClear (D*Trek) software on a Windows platform. For a more detailed explanation of this equipment please refer to this document (PDF: 15mb).

Pictured above is a portion of the X-ray lab

Scheduling: Visit http://fom.osu.edu in order to sign up for time. It is important that you review this document (PDF Manual w/step by step walk-through) BEFORE you start the process of creating your account and applying for time on the equipment.

Useful Documents:
Facility Rates (effective October 1st 2016 thru June 30, 2017):
Internal Rates
Mosquito Crystallization Robot - 1-drop tray $10.00 Per 1-drop Tray
Mosquito Crystallization Robot - 2-drop tray $20.00 Per 2-drop Tray
Mosquito Crystallization Robot - 3-drop tray $30.00 Per 3-drop Tray
Rigaku MicroMax 003 (First 10 hours per day) $15.00 Hour
Rigaku MicroMax 003 (Daily maximum rate) $150.00 Day