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Acknowledging MS&P Grant Support in Publications

The NIH and NSF require that researchers acknowledge grant support for the use of the CCIC Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics (MS&P) Facility services and resources

Citing the support and instrumentation grants is a critical performance measure when reporting annual accomplishments and productivity (ie publications) to the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health.

For any research project that received any support or benefit from the MS&P Facility (including data, consult, method development, manuscript preparation support etc.), it is an NIH and NSF requirement to acknowledge the MS&P grant numbers in any current or future publications.  This reporting is tracked by the NIH and NSF and is critical for continued funding and success of the MS&P Facility.  

Please use the information below for citing MS&P grants in supported research:

****Any and all manuscript must cite:

The project was supported by NIH Award Number Grant P30 CA016058

Manuscripts Utilizing the timsTOF Pro Instrument:

The timsTOF Pro instrument was supported by NIH Award Number Grant S10 OD026945

Manuscripts Utilizing the Fusion Orbitrap Instrument:

The Fusion Orbitrap instrument was supported by NIH Award Number Grant S10 OD018056.

Manuscripts Utilizing the 15T Bruker SolariXR FT-ICR Instrument:

The 15 T Bruker SolariXR FT-ICR instrument was supported by NIH Award Number Grant S10 OD018507.

Manuscripts Utilizing the Quantiva Triple Quadrupole Instrument:

The financial support for the Quantiva QQQ instrument was provided by OSU and OSUCCC.

Manuscripts Utilizing the Bruker ultrafleXtreme MALDI:

The project was supported by the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Intramural Research Program (OSUCCC IRP)

Manuscripts Utilizing the Bruker amaZon or Bruker maXis:

The project was supported by NSF Award Number Grant CHE-1040302