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Arpad Somogyi, PhD - Associate MS&P Facility Director - - Publications (PDF)
As the Associate Director of the CCIC MS&P Facility, I oversee the day-to-day operation, generate proposals for additional new instruments and upgrades, and interact with faculty, posdocs and students to ensure that their analytical needs are met in the most efficient way possible. I enjoy consulting with colleagues from different research areas. I have many years of experience in mass spectrometry. Specifically, my main interest include studying peptide fragmentation mechanisms, gas-phase H/D exchange, synthetic polymer analysis, astrobiological applications, biological, biochemical and proteomic applications. I have been working with wonderful colleagues on many exciting research areas, the results of which are summarized in 104 peer reviewed publications.

Liwen Zhang, PhD - Technical Director for Proteomics
- - Publications (PDF)
I am the Technical Director for Proteomics at CCIC/MS&P Facility. I work extensively in the detection of protein identifications, post-translational modifications, crosslink or amino acid mutation of proteins, as well as label-free or isotope-labeling protein quantitation using mass spectrometry coupled with chromatography. I have 14 years experience with many aspects of mass spectrometry, including ultra-high resolution Fourier Transform mass spectrometry. I am responsible for the operation and maintenance of the LTQ orbitrap mass spectrometer and oversee other aspects of the proteomics workflow and report production. I also participate in teaching and promoting mass spectrometric education by training graduate students on Orbitrap operation and demonstrating MS experiments to graduate and college students. My collaboration with the facility users has led to over 30 peer-reviewed publications (one article was published in Nature), one book chapter, and two pending US patents. These papers were cited 1360 times (17 h-index, 28 i10-index). I completed my graduate work at The Ohio State University under the supervision of Dr. Michael A. Freitas (currently at The Ohio State University).

Nan Kleinholz, BS - Senior Research Associate -
I am the Instrument Coordinator of the the CCIC MS&P Facility. I have worked in MS&P since 2000 and have combined laboratory experience of 27 years. I am in charge of ensuring the safe and optimal operation of the ESI and MALDI mass spectrometers and HPLC’s. I perform routine maintenance and repair as necessary. I conduct complex and independent experimentation within the MS&P. I counsel and advise our customers on experiments and data analysis. I also train staff and self-operation users.

Cindy James, PhD - Senior Research Associate -
As a Protein Biochemist, I specialize in the protein chemistry as part of proteomics research, with a focus on discovery in clinical biochemistry, protein-protein interactions, protein-ligand, EMSA and protein engineering.  Working both at Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Duke University has allowed me years of professional experience to develop, implement, and execute proteomics experiments to support biomarker discovery and verification from clinical samples to assist mass spectroscopy.  I oversee our Protein Expression and Purification Facility at The Ohio State University and I have cloned, expressed and purified over 400 different tagged and non-tagged recombinant proteins for investigation of protein interactions. I am extremely proficient in molecular biology, diverse cell types and experimental design, peptide vaccines with antigenic epitopes. Enzyme Kinetics is of interest, and I worked on pathway regulation mechanisms using site directed mutagenesis.  I am skilled at determining and anticipating prospective problematic growth, expression and purification difficulties of proteins transfected into bacterial, and mammalian cell lines (CHO, CHO-S, COS1) and chemical, biochemical and enzymatic characterization of protein interactions using techniques as tritium and deuterium exchange, Isotopic labeling with carbon, tritium, deuterium and nitrogen, iodoacidamide inhibition, S-methyl cysteine sulfoxide inhibition; and chemical crosslinking, and many more.  I am a true ‘science nerd’ and being part of CCIC allows me to be instrumental in making sure that projects are successful here at The Ohio State University!  GO BUCKS!