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List of Instrumentation for the CCIC MS&P Lab

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Instrument Managers
Liwen Zhang: Thermo Fusion; QE-Proteomics
Matt Bernier: Agilent, Quantiva
Gong Wu: QE-Metabolomics
Sophie Harvey: Bruker timsTOF Pro
Arpad Somogyi: Bruker 15T FT-ICR; MALDI TOF-TOF

Bruker 15 Tesla FT-ICR mass spectrometer

Ultrahigh resolution (>1,000,000) and mass accuracy (< 1 ppm). Equipped with a dual ionization source (MALDI and ESI). ETD and ECD options available. Used mostly for untargeted metabolomics, small molecule MALDI imaging, and top down proteomics.

Bruker FT-ICR


Thermo Orbitrap Fusion HPLC-MS/MS System

Ultrahigh resolution and excellent mass accuracy. Used mostly for bottom-up proteomics.

Thermo Fusion


Thermo Quantiva Triple Quadrupole HPLC MS/MS System

Ultrahigh sensitivity, used mostly for quantitative (targeted) metabolomics

Thermo Quantiva


Bruker amaZon ETD

Ultra performance, high sensitive proteomics ion trap with dual funnel ion guide and advanced ETD / PTR capabilities (Electron Transfer Dissociation and Proton Transfer Reaction) with a Dionex U3000 RSLC system.

Bruker Amazon


Bruker ultrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF-TOF MS with Proteineer fc II for LC-MALDI and ImagePrep

The Bruker-Daltonics UltrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF-TOF MS-Tissue Imaging Platform with collision- induced dissociation (CID) capabilities for structural determination by MALDI

Bruker Malldi


Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap

A LTQ Orbitrap XL exclusively used for advanced proteomic projects that require high resolution and high mass accuracy. This instrument is a unique hybrid mass spectrometer that combines a linear ion trap and an orbitrap mass analyzer. The system come equipped with a microspray ionization source from Michrome Bioresources and comprehensive U3000 Cap-LC system from Dionex .

Thermo XL


Agilent 6545 Quadrupole Time of Flight LC-MS system

The Agilent 6545 QTOF is equipped with two Agilent 1290 UHPLC systems, one for reverse phase and one for normal phase separations. This instrument is designed for high resolution and broad profiling of unknown compounds in untargeted metabolomics studies. The extended TOF flight tube and SWARM autotuning allows for both high sensitivity and dynamic range, offering ideal specifications for complex sample analysis.

Agilent QTOF


Bruker timsTOF Pro HPLC-MS/MS with Ion Mobility (on Loan from Bruker Daltonics)

High resolution TOF analysis/sequencing of peptides separated by trapped ion mobility prior MS/MS fragmentation. The instrument has high duty cycle (almost 100%) and high sensitivity (200-250 ng of proteins). Large numbers of proteins can be identified in complex protein mixtures containing 5,000+ proteins. 

Bruker timsTOF


Thermo Scientific QE Plus (Proteomics, QE-P)

Ultrahigh resolution and excellent mass accuracy. Used almost exclusively for bottom-up proteomics.

Thermo QE Proteomics


Thermo Scientific QE Plus (Metabolomics, QE-M)

Ultrahigh resolution and excellent mass accuracy. This QE plus is exclusively used for untargeted andtargeted metabolomics.

Thermo QE Metabolomics


timsTOF fleX MALDI-2

Equipped with a dual ionization source (MALDI and ESI), trapped ion mobility separation, and a MALDI-2 post-ionization laser to enhance sensitivity and range while decreasing ionization suppression. Reaching spatial resolutions of 5-10 micrometers, this instrument represents cutting edge technology for tissue and cellular mass spectrometry imaging.

Thermo QE Metabolomics